Welcome to White Dove Studios!

White Dove Studios is a Christian owned and operated family business serving the greater Culpeper area since 2007. Our goal has been to provide people of all ages an outlet to explore their creativity in music, and fulfill their goals through education, mentorship, and technology, in a stress free environment. Over the last 7 years we have now expanded to 3 classrooms and offer a wide variety of classes for individual lessons in the following:

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Basic Piano




Violin/Fiddle New!


Wind Instruments

Voice New!

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We offer specialized camps and classes such as “Build-A-Band” and many more. There are also numerous performance opportunities including our White Dove Studios “Drumline”, and “Evenings Out”. We are continuously searching for more unique ways to serve our musical community and welcome input as to your needs. I encourage and invite you to have a look around our site. To share your recent or past experience with White Dove Studios, please submit a testimonial on our Testimonials page. Please register to become a member of our site to receive important updates, connect with other students, and become part of the White Dove Studios Family! Head over to the calendar and find an empty spot for your very first consult where you can have a tour of the studio and a quick lesson free of charge! Call us at 540-547-4WDS with any questions!


White Dove Studios uses Logic Pro made by Apple inc.

Recording Studio

Alongside the music lessons, we also have a full time recording studio! With high quality equipment and top of the line software, we can produce demos and/or full length albums for single artists, bands, and even choirs.


Video Production

This year, we have finally started a new branch of White Dove Studios, video production! We now are proud to offer the production of professionally made videos for your local business/organization, or even simply for your own personal use! Check out our Video Production page to learn more!

White Dove Studios uses Final Cut Pro X made by Apple inc.


Why choose White Dove Studios?

Family Friendly

The White Dove Studios instruction staff provides the opportunity for people of all ages to fulfill their musical aspirations and inspire creativity through music EDUCATION. Our hope is that you will find yourself in an environment that leaves you feeling right at home, along with our complimentary coffee, tea, and access to Wi-Fi connection.

Music Lessons

Imagine a world with no music. Music education is an integral part of a not only a child’s life, but adults as well. A study from Columbia UNIVERSITY revealed that students who study arts are more cooperative with their teachers/peers, have higher levels self-confidence, and are more equipped to express themselves and their ideas. We hope to open doors for students of all ages by taking them on a musical journey. All of our instructors are dedicated to working with you on your level and at your pace to ensure a successful learning environment.

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White Dove Studios carries limited in-stock selection. We offer a variety of music instruments and equipment from Pro-Sound to amps, as well as guitars, strings, and other accessories. Any non-stock items can be in house within 7 to 10 days or drop shipped upon request and based on AVAILABILITY.

Guitar Rentals

Here at White Dove Studios, we offer rental guitars for families who are not ready to make retail purchases. The Johnson JG-610 boasts great play ability as and is very durable. A $40 PAYMENT covers the first 4 months of rental and is extended to the duration of the student’s semester. This will allow students to enhance their playing experience throughout the first learning stages and to determine whether it is something that is to be continued.

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Need a DEMO project to promote your band? How about a vocal recording? These project ideas along with many others are limitless in our all digital multi-tracking recording studio. From songwriting and collaboration, to arranging and copyright assistance, White Dove Studios is your one stop location for all creative audio ideas.

Specialty Classes

Along with individual instrumental lessons, White Dove Studios offers specialty classes such as preschool music, music EDUCATION for home school students, one on one time for children with special needs, and Build-A-Band. These are just a few among our specialty classes that we offer throughout the year. Give us a call today with any questions you may have or to let us know what other needs may be a better service to you.

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Join The Site

Feel free to join the White Dove Studios website to interact, message, and chat with other members and students. You may also receive e-mail notifications to stay up-to-date with the latest news and OPPORTUNITIES!